Professional Trainings

There are so many professional trainings that we can take to enhance our skills as we work with parents and families. However, at Diversity in Parenting, Inc. we pride ourselves on bringing you trainings from professionals of all identities AND creating trainings taught by diverse voices in the field.

You can expect the following from our professional trainings:

  • Relevant topics that will help you create long-lasting change in your families
  • Empowering trainers that share not just academic knowledge, but also lived experience from their diverse perspectives
  • Ground-breaking learning about families and identities that will allow you to have a more inclusive set of tools and interventions

Our trainings lived on an amazing platform that also allows our community to build and grow. We truly value the sense of community needed to grow our skills. In isolation we can only learn so much, but through community, we can learn to execute incorporate these tools into our work with more effectiveness and support.

We also are an approved CE provider through the NBCC (Approved ACEP Provider #6975).