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Diversity in Parenting, Inc. runs on the generous support of our donors. The work that we’re doing to change the way professionals who work with parents gain skills and develop their professional identity is integral to changing the way families heal.

Learn more below about where our donations go and how we use our funds to support our organization’s mission!

Our donors support us in providing training for mental health and parenting professionals.

We offer a community where professionals can support others in the field AND sharpen their skills with monthly training (with Continuing Education for approved professionals).

We also offer an annual conference, the Diversity in Parenting Conference, where professionals learn from diverse voices and support diverse families.

When you donate to our organization, you’re letting us (and those connected to us) that you are serious about diversity and inclusion.

You’re giving us a big high five – and giving us the fuel we need to change the way professional development is done.

We are so grateful for your contributions. And we often showcase our donors in ways that tell the professional community that these are the people and companies who truly believe in being more inclusive.